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Alexander Perls Official Website

This exceptionally basic website is the homepage of Alexander "Sandy" Perls Rousmaniere, an entrepreneur, web application developer, and reasonably fun guy based in Los Angeles. Perls mainly just goes cycling all the time these days, but previously has started a quite a few artistic and business enterprises over the years, most of which failed miserably.

Here are some of the things that didn't fail in an embarrassing manner:

Selected non-failed projects

Ezvid Inc. is a software development firm established in 2009. Ezvid's flagship product for Microsoft Windows, a video editor and screen recorder, has been downloaded over twenty-five million times since release, to make millions of YouTube videos, some of which are half-decent. Ezvid is state-of-the art, circa 2012, and remains a standing relic of that mythic era.

Speedwrite is slightly naughty but completely legal AI-powered service which exploded onto social media in 2021 (about two years before chatGPT), and currently has hundreds of thousands of users. In short, Speedwrite allows a user to insert any English text, and output a unique, high-quality rewrite of that text. It's hugely popular in the Middle East and Asia, and other places where smart people, who aren't native English speakers, have to write complicated stuff in English.

Ezvid Wiki was built from Ezvid's original user-generated forum, starting in 2013, and was targeted at large, slow-moving American e-commerce consumers, who at that time could be easily herded on their native Internet grasslands. Ezvid Wiki informed the purchase of a truly enormous quantity of consumer products, well into the hundreds of millions of dollars of gross sales, through the means of an extensive and confusing series of ranking videos on YouTube, which got hundreds of millions of views between 2014 and 2021. It made too much money, so Google decided to kill it in 2021, also because it was competing with their "Google Shopping" service. Following this event, and after careful deliberation, Perls decided that, actually, Google was welcome to go fuck themselves.

009 Sound System was music written and produced by Alexander Perls between 2009 and 2011. This music appears on about 3 million YouTube videos, with about 20 billion aggregate plays. Perls developed an unconventional but strictly legal strategy for disseminating this music on YouTube, a strategy which was shut down by Google in 2012 because it made too much money.

Aalborg Soundtracks was soundtrack music by Alexander Perls, composed in the 2009 to 2012 period, primarily while under the influence of high-quality marijuana. These soundtracks were widely uploaded to YouTube.

Buzzquote, active circa 2012 to 2013, was a nearly-incomprehensible attempt to sell auto insurance on YouTube, which weirdly actually worked for a year or two and generated a shit-ton of traffic, before being shut down by Google in 2013 because it made too much money.

Current tiresome obsession

The Lightning Network, which enables instant, permissionless, private, and secure P2P payments using Bitcoin, will be changing the world at some point in the reasonably near future. You should look into it.

Fairly uninteresting biographical backstory

There is some semi-accurate info about Alexander Perls on this Wikipedia page. The "Gas, Kansas" birthplace seems to have been added by a Wikipedia-vandal, as it's entirely false, but it's funny, so it seems nobody has tried to change it.

Alexander Perls grew up in Massachusetts, a state mostly populated by annoying people, and attended Concord Academy, a high school for spoiled New England teens, and then spent four years at the much-maligned Oberlin College, an institution where he learned to keep his mouth shut with respect to far-left political fantasies about 25 years before everyone else had to learn to do the same thing.

In 1999-2000 Perls, following a now long-forgotten family legacy, briefly worked for Barbara Gladstone, a powerful and mean-spirited New York contemporary art dealer, before realizing that buttressing the fragile egos of the ultra-rich would be a not-so-fun way to spend the rest of his life. Also, he got fired, probably for a very good reason.

In the period 1999 to 2001, Perls and a few friends founded and briefly operated NATOarts, an arts organization which is best understood (and/or misunderstood) by referencing the NATOarts home page, the NATOarts exhibition images, and the NATOarts press clippings.

Alexander Perls is happily married to Sonia Boyajian, a beautiful woman who makes beautiful things.

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Selected Discography 1999 - 2011

Below is Alexander Perls' "selected discography."

During the period 1999 to 2011, he variously wrote, co-wrote, produced, co-produced, instrumented, sang, played guitar, and generally assisted in the creation of these seminal musical works of varying quality. A somewhat more complete discography is available at Discogs.

During a brief and widely ignored avant-garde period, from 1998 to 2001, Perls was focused on pretentious electronic music for other Liberal Arts students, under the project names Icebreaker and Icebreaker International.

Following this disappointing foray, Perls got serious and tried figure out how to make music that would appeal to the undifferentiated masses. To that end, most these tunes in the discography below were composed during the period 2002 to 2010, when Perls was active as a "top-line" songwriter. At his studio in New York (2000 - 2006), and then Los Angeles (2006 - 2010), he wrote songs and recorded vocalists for the benefit of European DJs and dance music producers, who used to have a hard time finding decent English-language singers and songwriters for their tracks.

Once he discovered a distribution strategy through YouTube and iTunes, circa 2010, Perls gave up on this whole "dance music" thing (and also because U.S. major-label artists discovered "top-line" writing in 2009, basically blowing him completely out of the water), and instead focused on 009 Sound System, a self-indulgent "solo" project.

Perls retired from music around 2012 when he ran out of even semi-ok new ideas.